You know when you view a collection, and you can see yourself in the outfits? When it inspires your  dreams and visions of walking down a frosty sidewalk on an early morning, stopping off at your favorite corner bodega for a coffee with creme and sugar on your way to your fabulous amazing magazine job? Or on your way to the airport to cover a fashion show in London or Iceland and combing through the magazine racks at the terminal while you feel, "I do love this outfit...it's so editor." Well, that's how I feel when I look at some of the pieces in this Pre-Fall collection for Miu Miu. Specifically the suits. I can see myself walking around New York in the cold air, waiting for a Bryant Park show to let us in on a chilly 20 degree morning (which I have done many times, but I wish I had the blue outfit) and feeling amazing. It's cartoon and everything I love about the late 60s and early 70s and doll. I aspire to own some of these pieces, but primarily the pant suit in blue. And to be walking on a cold street on the way to something fantastic with a delicious coffee in my hand and feeling I'm fully in my element. I know it's still July. But it is PRE-Fall...and a girl can  dream, can't she? ♡

 Nubby socks. Yummy.

I'd take this color, too. 

images from style.com

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