Dearest Lovely Santa Claus, 
I know it's the end of July, and Christmas is kind of far away, sort of. And that there might be a hundred other things I will want between now and then. Soooo....maybe you could possibly send this to me as a pre-Xmas gift? It's a purse by Antoni and Alison from the UK. And the matching change purse. I prefer the cherry color change purse, but I'd settle for the black if that is all you can manage. This bag is so adorable. It's so old school in a very Kelly way, but new and fun in a very Minnie Mouse way. Especially with that subtle bow. It will work whether I'm wearing a shift or some flared jeans and a striped tee, whether I'm going to the cold store or the cocktail bar. It looks like the perfect size, too. And the cherry red change purse...I'd really love that, too. I've been especially good, dear Santa, working very hard, being nice to family even though they drive me mad, not spending too much on things I don't need because I have so much. I know tradition is nice, just like the design aspect of this bag, but a little change can be nice, too, right? (Like the little cheeky bows and printed label on the back...and maybe sending it to me as a pre-holiday treat?) xx mt  ♡

The Antoni & Alison Bow Bag 140£

change purses 25£

images from Antoni & Alison

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