NIPPON VOGUE. Genius. Japanese, of course. What I love about the Japanese editors, aside from their culture, food, style, shopping, beauty, designers...etc. etc. etc...is that they are willing to take a chance, to do their own thing, to honor whatever thought they have. EVEN IF it means it's young or un-Vogue. (Well, illustration and fun old-school illustration isn't really un-Vogue. It's very very Vogue. But the US edition/editors seem to have forgotten that.)

Maja Sten Illustration

If you venture over the the Japanese Vogue site, and you navigate your way through all the goodies on there, you might end up inadvertently on the horoscopes page. And you'll wonder "Am I still on Vogue?" and then you'll wonder, "Who is the illustrator who did these awesome zodiac signs?" It's Maja Sten, a Swedish illustrator who's done a load of commissions as well as her own art. See the zodiac below and see her work here. ♡

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zodiac images from Vogue Nippon horoscope
illustration by maja sten from her site

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