Catsuits are a tricky thing to wear, and even to style. They can come off as too 80s, too ballerina, too Flashdance, too future, too unflattering. But I'm seeing a new breed of designers creating new ways of looking at a catsuit. And I love it. Below are some photos I found while cruising the internet for new magazines in far away lands that maybe only a handful of people know of and read. These futuristic looking suits (which also sort of remind of me of Jean Paul Gaultier's catsuits from the mid-80s...I remember getting snuck into the avant garde clubs in Hollywood when I was too young to even care about booze, only to see the most amazing mix of older kids and a girl dancing on stage in one of those Gaultier all-over-print catsuits. I found one at a thrift store in the boonies a while ago. And, like an idiot, I gave it away to a fellow fashion collector. Oh well. I always figure it will come back to me... The below suits remind me of those old Gaultier catsuits...)...these futuristic-looking suits look so great on this little simple girl. They look lovely and girly and free. Credits for the kids who created these looks are below...look 'em up. ♡

jean vest by Dor Chen & amazing catsuit by Miki Avni
catsuit Omer Poizner
looks like Miki Avni again
catsuit Miki Avni (love this image)
these are tights under a cape, but it works with the story well.
Cape by Avinat Gottesman & tights by American Apparel

photography amit israeli
styling maayan goldman
hair and make up nirit hirschmann
model vika / deja vu

more tuesday tailor ♥ le tour de force

all images from pet fan club blog

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