This feels very strange. I know people eventually pass on. But when an icon whose body of work is so incredibly substantial finally passes, it's a very strange feeling. In my family, movies are KING. So I had seen most of her films before I was even in school. Especially movies like "Giant" with Rock Hudson and James Dean, whom I adored from the age of 6. And I do love that movie so much. It's really incredible. But when I think of Liz Taylor, I think of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" with another hottie who's passed, Paul Newman. She is so gorgeous in this film. Almost alien in her beauty and perfection. Another film I think of immediately is "Cleopatra", just because the sets were so over the top and her outfits were so rad and it was kind of strange to cast her in that role. There are too many films to think about. The one film that is very much Nancy Girl is "Butterfield 8", a saucy hip story about a naughty tough-and-hot girl. Eddie Fisher is in this film, too. And like the whole Brad Pitt scandal, Liz stole Eddie away from another big star, Debbie Reynolds...(Debbie/Jennifer, Eddie/Brad, Elizabeth/Angelina).

I mean, this entire blog is about style, but more so it's about being the girl (or boy) you want to be. Elizabeth Taylor LIVED. She lived her life the way she wanted no matter what anyone else thought.  I mean, she was married like EIGHT times! And unapologetically. But she really took her craft seriously. It's pretty amazing. So here are some bits of "Butterfield 8" and some others. My mom and I always say these old movie stars were such a unique breed. There aren't any Liz Taylors anymore. Totally.♡

Liz Taylor, Butterfield 8 and the mink coat...


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