It's a MAKEUP MONDAY DOUBLE WHAMMY! I had to post something about the beauty at the Chloé Fall 2011 collection because it was so gorgeous and I would love to wear my makeup like that every day! Plus, the hair was gorgeous! There's a preview video below the makeup is detailed down to the faux freckles by Charlotte Tilbury! (YES!)

I have so much new make up to review for you...but that will have to wait until I'm finished with the shows. It's been a strange season, to say the least. But I really loved so much about this Chloé collection...despite the fact that I'm a die hard Philo fan (or "phan")...I even own some key pieces from the Philo debut Chloé collection and I love them. :) But this was a great show (yea Hannah MacGibbon!) and the beauty was really a key element. And the cobra bags didn't hurt, either. ;)♡

gorgeous halos and nude lips
gorgeous on the runway
big brows lightened/gingered up and rusty shadow
so pretty, even with bags. i love it.
see the faux freckles?!
amazing amazing amazing cobra bag!
another amazing cobra bag!
another amazing snakeskin bag.
matching snakeskin pumps? yes please!
i think this was my favorite look from head to toe. so amazing.

more makeup monday ♥ pixiwoo tutorials

images from style.com

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