These CHLOE Patent Leather and Python Pumps are gorgeous, classy, easy to wear, original looking and probably pretty easy to wear...even if you were running around from show-to-show starting tomorrow (today) for New York Fashion Week, because there is a ton of running around! I was again chatting with Searching for Style's Alex Suhner Isenberg about attending fashion week, and she was so lucky she was in London and preggers and that way she had no waiting. I never had any waiting, but I was always exhausted from running around to all the shows and then going to the parties...by the third day, I was really just passed out. I'd sleep through my alarm clock and I remember how bummed I was one time because I had been invited to one of my favorite shows to go backstage. Oh well. I was in New York, though, and she was in London. And we both agreed that watching as you relax from home is so much more worth it! Really...I promise you. :) 

So anyway...sorry for the ramble, I'm really tired from being on the computer all day to get the final things done for my novel set to come out pretty soon. But I do think these Chloé pumps would be a good pick for the shows. They're more understated. I think one of the cheesiest things about fashion week are all the people trying way too hard to look "fashion-y"....these don't do that. They're available here and surprisingly they're only $650. Not too bad for shoes...these days. One thing I do miss about NYFW are the shoe sample sales after the shows are over. :) ♡

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