I love love this YouTube guru HOLLYWOOD NOIR MAKEUPShe's a make up artist based in Canada who does the most gorgeous and also creative looks. She's very talented. But she, herself, is very bombshell, too. She looks like a lot of the girls I post up on NANCY GIRL. I need to go through her page or her blog again and find out her real name, though. I didn't see it on YouTube. I'll post up an editorial that I think I forgot to put up here that goes really really well with this bombshell hair. I mean, I would love to do this if I was in a city where I could do this. The thing about this is, after you learn how to do it the right way, you can make it as big or small as you like. It's priceless to know. Come back later and see the other GIRL FRIDAY post with the amazing editorial to go along with this. I'm pretty sure I haven't done a post with those photos yet. See you later and enjoy! (I wish I had these Gurus when I was 11 and 12 and aching to learn how to do these things. Looking at a photo and trying to figure it out yourself is rough. I mean, it's just nice that these talents get a channel online and share their knowledge. Love them.) PS Here's an OLDER post that I think this hair goes with brilliantly.xxx♡

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Hannah VB said...

oof, I really used to mid-60s-up my hair back in college - very easy from teasing stage to grasp long hair in back, slightly twist and pin and get an actual beehive, either sitting above your long hair or all of it up. I really rather miss the early 90s. not just nostalgia, but from a practical fashion angle. Namely, SHOES. I absolutely cannot wear heels at this point and could never wear heels more than 2, 2.5 inches even when I was younger, but there was this whole breed of neo-platforms around at that time that were NOT sky high, heel-wise, and that looked fashionable and that were actually stable to walk in. They worked great with thrift store clothes, liquid eyeliner and a modified 'hive...

I know this is just a demo, love her teaching and watching this, but something about this woman's aesthetic is wrong for me here. yes, she's very bombshell, but it's brassy/emo/hollywood looking to me. I prefer this basic hairstyle with liquid (top-only, or less-bottom-heavy) liner (maybe also falsies), and some other color of hair that feels more like the time in question or more like punkrock (less "glamor model") - a platinum blond or natural color or weirder red? I dunno. The lip is is more in line with a very pale 60s lip, which is good - I'd go for that or an even paler one, or go bold/red. I'm glad the woman herself is pale and pink and not "bronzed", though fake blond/too tan/pale gold lips/false eyelashes would also be very Golden Greats of the Ventures... http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=802422

Hannah VB said...

and one more thing: this is a relatively EASY thing you can do and come out with an actual STYLE, is why I love it - especially perhaps if you have very straight hair that doesn't hold a lot of curl for long.

I think you should wear your hair like this even if you aren't in a city where you "can", because it's easy and gives you an instant edge.

I am so glad you posted this because I have actually been trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my growing-out, styleless hair, and especially ahead of our first gig in almost a year, which is coming right up. I'm going to screw around with the hair today, can't wait.

montronix said...

this was a hair tutuorial. not a makeup tutorial. she has a lot of gorgeous bardot-esque makeup tutorials if you want that. i think she's really gorgeous and she reminds me a lot of this one post i put up a long time ago...which i'll add the link to in the post after this.

it's too much work for where i am right now. but i think she does an excellent job at these bombshell looks probably because it's part of her own style.

good luck! and thanks for reading. x