I mentioned earlier that the shows during New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 were a snooze. I mean, I love love love Marc Jacobs. Anyone who reads my blog knows that. But from his shows it, too, looked like he was sort of bored of the whole scene and perhaps didn't feel much like designing the Spring Summer 2012 season. I don't know. I'm speculating. It all seemed like he gave the industry a little tongue-in-cheek finger or something. Maybe not, but it has happened a lot of other times before when a designer just doesn't want to do what he's expected and so he drums out a really blah collection that frankly no one is talking about. I did like the dance hall girl/theme. But, to me, I thought it was way way more Donna Summer "She Works Hard For The Money" video than anything else. And if you know about Marc, then you know he LOVES Donna Summer. One thing, though, the show and presentation were very very modern...almost so modern that it left a lot of people feeling uncomfortable. I think that's the best word to describe what Marc does. He is always trying to make everyone feel uncomfortable. And you know the saying...that means you've left your comfort zone....that means you're stretching. If you've been in therapy, it means you're doing something new/different and that's why it feels...weird. It will be exciting to see him at Dior, if he does go, though.♡

Here's a dance hall from a silent film called "The Gold Rush at Parwich II"...you'll see some influence, but the clothes in this film are amazing. A ma zing. I love watching silent films for this reason alone:

Here's the Donna Summer video...decide for yourselves:

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