And the winner is...ROCHAS. Again. :) I will probably do one more shoe post today, but in addition to loving a ton of the Rochas Spring Summer 2012 collection, and owning a lot of vintage that it looks like, I had to include these weird but awesome shoes. There's something Marco Zanini does with shoes that seems juuuuuust a teeny bit off...enough to make it off enough that it's really really ON. :)♡

amazing heels.
probably my least favorite of the bunch, but it's pretty. i think it's the heel that i love so much.
this is one of those heels that you can't really imagine what it would look like for real. i think in person, it's probably 100 times better than the picture.
really a strange but good take on Mod
also strange looking but probably really rockstar and good in person.
also really strange looking but would be amazing live.

yea! kerchiefs!
and crazy good glasses.

i love these tiny bags!

this is so gidget, and i love it.
big giant bumps. will do a makeup monday post on the beauty at this show.
love this lurex sweater.
love this vintage looking dress.

more thursday shoe ♥ white patent leather

images from style.com


AggroTramp said...

The mirror shoes are perfection! so rad...cant wait to see the price. It's definitely going to get knocked-off so many times!

good post!

montronix said...

totally. i mean, where are you ever going to find those? they're like museum pieces. i love love love what he's done with rochas. i think it's one of the best houses right now. young and unexpected. thanks for reading and thank you so much! i have more rochas posts from the past. just search for them in the search box.

thx again! xmt