White patent leather pumps are probably one of my most favorite shoes to own and wear. Especially after they've been worn a lot and start to get f---ed up and look more punk rock than luxury. I had a pair that were perfect by Stuart Weitzman. I wore them until they were too messed up to wear. I mean, they started to rip on the sides even. But they did look perfect when I'd wear a pair of dark skinny jeans and a vintage shiny lurex top. I'm missing them so much and it's really hard to find the right style. So I'm wondering if these Starlet 100 Pumps by Brian Atwood could take the place of my oh-so-loved SW's. The only thing is the heel. My Stuart Weitzman's were definitely at least 4 inches tall. One site says the Starlet is 3 inches and the other says 4. I also can't tell if they are truly patent leather. But they do look pretty close to the ones I loved. I still have them. But I hope to replace them soon. Because once you get used to white patent leather pumps, it's hard to let them go.♡

more shoe me thursday ♥ cacharel ss 2011

images from http://www.footcandyshoes.com and shopstyle.com

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