I'm going to be doing two things soon...pulling out some of my larger vintage hats from their hat boxes and looking for a couple of big hats to wear. I plan on sitting a lot in the back of a very cute apt to work and talk and entertain visitors. It's sunny and old...and I think a big hat and some large large glasses would make it extra fun and suitable in the sun. Of course I wish I lived in a land like the girls in Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (you'll see Françoise Dorléac above in her gorgeous hat...she was Catherine Deneuve's sister and they're twins in this gorgeous film that you can watch TOMORROW ON NANCY GIRL!), with their gorgeous huge flowered candy-colored sunhats. Or like Audrey with her giant Givenchy that she wore to visit Sally Tomato in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I also own a gorgeous French sun hat, but for some stupid reason, I left it in storage. In any case, it will be fun looking for a few new ones and old ones, too. Be sure to watch tomorrow's post...I have the entire film but it won't have any subtitles. So you'll have to watch it for visual. You'll get what's going on, though.♡

the tour de force Marc Jacobs Taxi Driver hat. doesn't really protect you from the sun, though.
very pretty Prada hat.
the famed GIVENCHY in breakfast at tiffany's
alberta ferretti
not exactly a sun hat, but i'd wear this with some big glasses and feel great. hat from Pierre Cardin.
i own a vintage black MISS DIOR hat that is exactly this shape. might have to bring it out, too.
really gorgeous even though it's huge.

images from desmoiselles de rochefort my own and should be credited to nancyfashionfancy.blogspot.com
other images from vogue italia and some images from my computer

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