So....Jil Sander just launched their new site and video for the diffusion line called NAVY. And it looks amazing. Take a look at the site. It's designed by my awesome friend and Internet artist Rafael Rozendaal , whom I'll be interviewing on Nancy Girl very soon. I'll be sure to ask him about Navy. So have a look at the site and at the film. By the way, the site is designed a lot like the online art pieces that Rafael does. Click around and try to do weird things. It's interactive art. PS I'm still working on the project but I managed to get some of this news from Rafael and I had a minute to post it up! Spread the word! x PPS I think Raf did an awesome job on Navy.

SUPER PPS I just watched the video in its entirety and I LOVE LOVE it. And I especially love love the look with the black top and black shorts. I will be owning that as soon as I find it. I actually have a pair of black tuxedo shorts that look a lot like that that X-Girl sent to me a long time ago. And I LOVE how they look on. You can be sloppy and chic.♡

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