One of my dreams is for someone to name a bag after me one day. I know. It's weird. But I have a lot of designer friends and...well, it just seems like a really rad thing to happen. Especially if the bag is amazing. I guess I'm always in awe of Jane Birkin, plus her Hermes bag is one of the best bags out there. And when I see new bags with names from designers, I often wonder whom they named their bag after. I really loved Marc Jacobs' (Marc by Marc Jacobs) "Percy" bag. Dunno if that was named after a real girl or not. But this one is named Julie. It's got to be named after someone. And the bag is nice. And classic. So the girl must be classic. ♡

Marc by Marc Jacobs small "Percy" bag

Marc Jacobs "Julie" bag

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images from marcjacobs.com

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