I have always been a huge fan of the house of Cacharel . I did interview the Eley Kishimoto duo when they were designing for the brand. But I have to say I LOVE what Cédric Charlie has done with the line. This IS Cacharel. (Yea Cedric!) And it's NOW, too. The shoes are great. Like something Phoebe Philo would do. Wearable, like your everyday run-around sandal. And the colors...a dream of citrus day-glo and blush-blush. And the bags were amazing, too.(By the way, I do have some cool things coming up. I've just been exhausted with insomnia! And running around to meetings. But good stuff coming soon. Thanks for reading. x)♡

such a great heel. this shoe would make the sloppiest jean/t-shirt combo look high street.
great bags.
especially this color combo.

more shoe me thursday ♥ jerome c rousseau interview

all images from elle.com (yea!)

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