I woke up yesterday to find a really cool, sweet message in my inbox from Sergio Zambon regarding my recent post on his latest collection/show...a comment on the post itself reads:

Dear Mandana
grazie 1000
I love your comments of course!
come to my next show or let's meet when I am in NYC next (I was there for fashion week)
thank you

How cool is that? Thank you, Mr. Zambon! I look forward to it. xmt

how cute is this dress? thx to elle.com for posting it. i hate when shows get edited.
like when an amazing piece like this gets edited out of the online line-up. and it's one of the best pieces! i don't even think style.com had this line on their site when i found it on italian vogue's site. shame shame, US vogue.
fantastic designer Sergio Zambon...remember that name.
 (stay tuned as the saturday post will be up in a few minutes...xx)

images from elle.com (thanks for posting the other good dresses!)

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