LOVING the new Valentino. Though, for me, it's not Valentino, but a new label, I suppose. Though, especially with the bags in this collection, I do see some vintage Valentino styles: gorgeous, girly, ethereal, dreamy, to-die-for, impeccable and it's own story. It didn't disappoint me like Céline did for a lot of us (I love you, Phoebe...but it was a snore). Let's a have a look and then I'll show you one of my own favorite bags. I'm lucky in that I own a lot of vintage Valentino. Some of it is stuff I can wear until I'm an old stylee lady. And a couple of the pieces I'll never be able to wear as I'm quite petite and they're made for the tallest tree women with zero curves. But I love them anyway. My most favorite piece is a handbag. A simple handbag which used to garner a lot of attention in New York whenever I had it out on my bed or on my arm. The cool thing about the handbag is the strap because it doubles up to be shorter, something you'd hold around your wrist, and then you can also lengthen the strap so you can hang it from your shoulder. If you notice in the photos, a lot of the new Valentino bags have this very same strap/chain...or they look like they do. I'm sure they are the same mechanism. It's really a handy/stylee feature. It's one of the reasons why I love that vintage Valentino bag. That's why I thought it best to showcase Valentino for this Wednesday Bag post.♡

what color and style. such a dream.
the dress is amazing. the longer version is below. and the  bag is cool. even with the strange studded knuckle strap.
parisian chic
such an amazing piece. and style.
swiss dots. love it. the bag might not go with this dress, but i love the bag anyway.
i love the teeny teeny bag she has. it's so small. i love it.
this is a color that doesn't really translate in a photo. i'm sure it's a creamy dream in real life.
here's the studded knuckle strap. dunno why. but see the chain? if you pulled on the middle of it, you'd shorten the strap by half. (looks like croc....! which might be controversial, but i love croc!)
looks good in this color. but i don't think this bag goes with the dress.
is this a bag? it's great if it is. i love it.
such a gorgeous ethereal dress and a perfectly tiny bag.
i heart dots. and the 60s. so i am won. i have a lot of vintage that looks like this.
this is an amazing piece. just amazing. look at the detail below...
swiss dots and florals...and sheer black.
teeny tiny bag, i heart you!
here is my vintage probably 70s Valentino handbag. it's the perfect size and color and see how the strap is doubled and shorter here?
now i've extended it and it goes across the top. and it's longer now. i can hang it on my shoulder and it hangs at my hips. see all the V's in the leather?
great lining. love it. love it. love it. the same stylist who stole my nina ricci dress wanted this bag. i'm glad she didn't get it!

images of valentino ss 2011 from style.com 
images of vintage valentino bag, my own

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