Some of the looks at Paris Fashion Week were amazing...I'm speaking of the hair styling and makeup application. They were doable for every girl out there. Of every color. And I'm looking forward to playing with these looks myself. I know the shows are going on and on and I tend to like a lot of glam rock looks. But I clearly love a hot girl look, too. One that catches your eye as she walks by. I fell in love with the faces at Nina Ricci and Cacharel. Absolutely fresh and gorgeous. Here's my beef...I wish some of these uber gorgeous lines like Nina Ricci would come out with a small capsule collection of the makeup they used in the show. Then you'd be able to get the entire look. I mean, all they'd have to do is licence the stuff they used or Pat McGrath used. Or something. It would be a minimal amount of stuff. Or else, it would be so great if Pat McGrath came out with her own line. She is a genius. Which is why she does all the shows!♡

the wix (lindsey wixon) looking grown up
that strange color for a halo...but it works. 
it's like a  pinky-brown color. looks gorgeous on the dark models, too. (Love them)
that plus a black black lined eye and...
bleached eyebrows (i told you it looks good!)
it's really gorgeous. especially if you're getting all frillied up in a nina ricci ensemble.
looks good on everyone.
clean gorgeous little bun.

The other looked I loved (which is very similar) was from
(the gorgeous black models didn't have a stitch on them for this show...i'll be doing a post solely on that new troop soon anyway.)
a dark dark cleanly lined eye and bright pink lips. simple hair. gorgeous.
gorgeous on olive skin. love it.
really gorgeous. especially/even under the glasses. that's a great heart lip. lindsey has started a trend. which comes all the way from biba days. but learn to line your lips so they look like a sweet heart, girls (and boys). i promise you won't regret it.
the last look i'm adding on as a post script is the wix (lindsey wixon) from jean paul gaultier. not a fan of the joan jett hair (i thought it might be ziggy stardust at first, but even though i love the runaways...joan jett screwed a lot of people over and i lost total respect for her as she's been selling out all over the planet recently. lame.) and i didn't like the makeup on any of the other models. but look at this face!!! it is so gyaru doll!!!!! insane. amazing.

more makeup monday ♥ the bare brow

all images from style.com

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