SO...I think I've been bored out of my mind so far during this New York Fashion Week. Can you tell when the economy sucks and designers play it safe? Even the crazy stuff is pretty boring when you break it down one-by-one, piece-by-piece. It's a drag. SUCH  a drag. I'm waiting for Perry Ellis followed ironically by Marc Jacobs (Marc). (If you don't know or perhaps you're too young, Perry Ellis fired Marc RIGHT AFTER his famous grunge collection.) Both are being live streamed (see a schedule and links here). I've also been eyeing the collections for a project coming up. And, so far, everything is off for what we need to do. 

I got bored and took a walk over to the drugstore (yea! I'm back in the city!), and thought maybe I could buy some makeup to keep me awake until the Perry Ellis show starts. I picked up some pretty cool things, actually. Bits that normally I would never look at and never buy. I have more-than-enough makeup and a lot of it is premium. Though I will be asking Santa for some Tom Ford goods. :) 

What I found was really nice...I'm wearing some of it and I'm amazed. Because it was all so damn cheap!

The first thing I have to gawk over is probably my new favorite lipstick! It looks soooo expensive on the lips plus it's very simple in packaging, so looks chic and the color is gorgeous. Even better it's a matte nude and looks rich rich rich on the lip. I'm telling you right now that I am in love and I am in shock because I think this Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick was under $3! It's a nude lipstick in the color 902C and I think the color is Bare It All. It's in a black case and was $2.99! It reminds me of the matte nudes Lisa Eldridge always uses. I think the trick here is not to wipe it on...but to lightly dab it on in small dabs all over your lip...like a more 50s style of putting on your lipstick. And put some lip balm on before and leave it on for a bit to moisten your lips. It might be a bit drying, but I'm willing to deal with it because it's just really gorgeous. Most of the colors were gone. It's very nude with a tinge of pink and slightly more blue than orange, which is nice on me. I LOVE this. It's my new favorite nude and I am in shock about it. 

sorry the pic sucks. but trust me...just go check it out if you can.
The next shocking item I bought is the Wet N Wild Natural Blend Pressed Powder in Bare. It comes in a Eco-friendly cardboard compact with a sponge and a mirror inside. It's very pretty. Doesn't look Wet N Wild at all, actually. The finish is matte and looks flawless. Good coverage. I mean, light but good coverage. It looks rich on the skin. For $4.99, I'm impressed!! 

I also purchased a pink silky lipstick also from Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick called Nouveau Pink. It was 99 cents!!! It's a gorgeous hot pink (very blue) and smells like cotton candy. Amazing. So impressed!

I also bought a giant watermelon flavored Wet N Wild Juicy lip balm that reminds me of the Bonnie Bell sticks I loved when I was little. It's giant and green but goes on sheer. The packaging is super fun! 

My last purchase look gorgeous in the bottle but I'll give you a full report when I put it on my nails. It's a nail polish by Rimmel called Huntington Drive, which looks very mink-y in color. Might be a win, might be a lose. I've been wanting to try OPI's San Tan Tonio, but I haven't found it yet and I haven't found a dupe. 

So that's my makeup round-up budget style whilst I sit here bored off of Fashion Week. Can't wait for London!♡

more makeup monday ♥ vogue it beige

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