This Spring Summer 2012 collection from Meadham Kirchhoff was strange. I was totally lost by it. Though, there are some really cute pieces in the collection. I also think that the Japanese market, especially all the Lolitas and Gyarus  are going to go crazy for these looks. Check it out and see for yourself.♡

i love the model. and i love the cardigan. and the red thigh-highs. but maybe not all together.
i love this cardigan!
i would never wear this overall, but i love the graphic aspect of it.
i would love to own this sweater/jumper. i love it.but nothing else.
i think the only thing i really like about this is the shape of the dress...it reminds me of maybe a marie antoinette undergarment or something?
same here. only this is kind of pretty.
same here.
same here again. if you put the last couple looks together in a marie antoinette parody, it would work.
the only thing i love here are the showgirl bottoms. they're so old hollywood! i also love the nude knee-highs.
very strange. but interesting. :)

Here's an example of a Lolita girl who would wear these outfits as-is. Pearmaiden from YouTube:

more wednesday bag ♥ charlotte olympia

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