INDIAN SUMMER from paola suhonen on Vimeo.

YEA! It's time for the new Spring Summer 2012 collection from IVANA HELSINKI! I just got the images last night, so good timing. Because I was just talking to or emailing with Alex from Searching for Style about how BORING BORING this fashion season has been. See the video above and then move onto the images below from their show at New York Fashion Week! I love the hippy part, and I love love the Native American hippy especially!♡

these jeans look great. i have a pair from a long long time ago that i love like these...but these are high waisted, which i LOVE even more!

i love this dress so much. even though it's so simple.
i love this so much, too.

IH designer Paola Ivana Suhonen

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images courtesy of ivana helsinki

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