This isn't new, but I kept forgetting to do something on it...until this week. I think it's called the YSL "Manifesto" for Spring Summer 2011 Edition. (At least that's what I got from the title on the front cover.) I love these kinds of things...whether you call it a "magazine" or a promotional booklet or a sort of branded publication...I love them. This is what I love to do, because I have always loved these kinds of branded projects since I was a kid...AND I know people other than myself also love them, too. My brother said they were handing them out by his place (and he saved them for me! How nice, right?! Thanks, Ef!). The booklet comes in a bag featuring a pic from the SS 2011 YSL campaign featuring Arizona Muse, a new IT-MODEL that I really like, screenprinted in gold on black fabric. I like it. It's pretty cool, and I've looked at the art director credit and will be contacting that agency soon. The only thing I'm confused about is the YSL seems to be screenprinted...upside down. And I don't know if it's on purpose and I'm missing something, or if this was a printer's mistake and that's why they got passed out. Maybe I'll find out one day. (This booklet really makes my want for a new office grow even more...all I've been dreaming about lately is what my new office OR studio will look like and what will I keep there...like these types of fashion things.)♡

why is this hanging the logo upside down? hmmmm.
still fantastic
arizona muse in ysl...screenprinted in gold...

more tuesday tailor ♡ le tour de force

images taken by me of my own booklet (so please credit this blog if you use them).

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