I've never bought one thing from "fast fashion" brand/shop ZARA. Though, I must admit, I have had more than one friend who was/is a super super Zara boutique fan. I dunno why I haven't really bothered too much. I'm not a super shopper...maybe that's the reason why. But I saw these Zara Patent Leather Slingback Sandals with a jeweled square bow in deep caramel and thought they were amazing. First, the color is gorgeous. Looks much richer than they are...plus, the jeweled bow is awesome. The heel height is great, too, for a run-around shoe. But the thing that got me immediately when I saw them was the fact that they look so much like the current Valentino collection. Which makes them even better. No, they aren't Valentino (but the current Valentino isn't real Valentino, either, if you really think about it), but they only cost about 60GBP. Pretty amazing for a dainty,  amazing (and amazingly girly) shoe. (Amazing!) I think you'd feel a little more like a fancy girl wearing these even if the rest of your outfit was super simple. Seeing these makes me want to keep an eye and ear on the Zara brand and see what they'll do next.♡

that looks like an expensive shoe.

so valentino

images from zara.com

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