I really loved seeing these girls...Princess Beatrice and her sister Princess Eugenie (love both names!)  with equally fun and equally big hats at the Royal Wedding. At first I didn't know who these girls were. But then I asked my mother and she confirmed my guess. And if you haven't heard, Princess Beatrice donated her hat for an EBay auction where all the proceeds from the final sale would be split between two charities (the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and British charity Children in Crisis). Isn't that lovely? Love fashion and be mindful at the same time. First of all, her name is Princess Beatrice...if your name is Princess Beatrice and you can get away with REAL fashion chances and love big fabulous hats for big fabulous events, you DEFINITELY need to go for it. And she did. How much did the hat get auctioned for in the end? A very good sum of £81,100. In case you're wondering who she really is, she is the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew (and Fergie..i.e. Sarah Ferguson) and a granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II. I don't care how many people made fun of her and her Philip Treacy hat. I adore her (and Eugenie) for really enjoying being a girl, a princess, having access to really exceptional fashion creations. THAT'S style is all about.♡

really gorgeous color and really fun fun fashion. it's a wedding...it's nice she went for it.
pretty amazing philip treacy hat. like a piece of art.
Princesses Eugenie (left) and Beatrice (right). I was loving them at the royal wedding.
more awesome English hats...fun butterflies. i love this tradition of hats over there.
another hat or fascinator.
more wednesday wonder ♥ uber big hair

images from EBay

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