For some odd reason, this TUESDAY TAILOR post on the new film for the menswear collection has disappeared without a trace and I have no idea why! It's done by my old homie and photographer I've wokred with a lot in the past named Andrew Paynter. I can't remember exactly what I wrote other than this is a film he directed for the 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall Winter 2011 Mens Collection, and that it's so very very him (Andrew). Andrew has a very distinct voice in his work and it shows up over and over in the video. He's also a very stylish boy himself. I'll see if I can find the original post. I can't believe it's disappeared! Oh...I found the original post text here:

I had a different post for today, but then I received an email from an old homie and excellent photographer I've worked with in the past named ANDREW PAYNTER. He was letting us know about a new fashion film he directed for the 3.1 PHILLIP LIM MENS FALL/WINTER 2011 COLLECTION. The film is entitled WEAVERS, and it's presented on Nowness.com. Andrew has a keen eye and his photographs have a distinct voice. He is always in my Rolodex of photographers because he's really excellent at everything he does. And his own style is amazing, too. I'm not a really huge fan of Phillip Lim's womenswear...but I do like the boys collection and of course I love everything Andrew does. Check it out.♡

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