The  garden party...I remember this event. I've seen things about this show. BUT I've never seen this video of it. It's gorgeous...I mean, this IS Fashion Week in Paris. If you've never been to Paris Fashion Week and you've never attended some really goooood events there, this is how magical they can be. And overflowing with the tallest amazing-looking girls.  They're unreal in person. And in this video we get to see a lot of what I called the New Fly Girls including rad black model (or dark model sounds better?) Leomie Anderson and insanely tall-and-thin Joan Smalls. Joan Smalls does not look like a real human being. She's so amazing looking. She looks like a real super model to me in this video.

that's LEOMIE on the left....have to figure out who is on the right and print it here....GORGEOUS.
And I really love love the Giles Deacon collections so far. If you've read about me on this blog, you know I knew a lot about Ungaro from the age of around 8, because he was my mom's favorite designer. She taught me about his signatures and colors. And this feels like those stories my mom told me when I was little. I'm going to email this video to her right now and see what she thinks. I mean...I love Ungaro. And it was so sad to see it so disrespected. I'm SOOOOOOO happy Giles Deacon (genius) is taking care of it like it's made of gold. PS Please watch til the end because, after a bit, they really show how beautiful the clothes are up close.♡

doesn't this sort of remind you of a Roxy Music album cover?

matching petit-fours
this looks so new but so Ungaro to me.
i heart ostrich feathers...if that's what they are.
so cute. so french.

images are all screenshots taken by moi.

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