Here's a better version I found on YouTube...I'll leave the Quicktime movie above on here in case the YouTube video gets deleted. But watch the YouTube version below...it's much better quality.

Since I've had a lot of McQueen on here lately because of the amazing exhibit, I thought I'd just put this post up now rather than later...

WOW. I don't know if you've had a chance to watch all the videos on the MET blog for the McQueen exhibit, but there's one at the very bottom of the page that I hadn't watched until this second. It's the one above called TRANSFORMER by Nick Knight (of course!) but I think the actual piece by Alexander McQueen is called "The Bridesgroom Stripped Bare." which is really just beyond (the entire concept and execution is like unbelievable.) I didn't know about these SHOWstudio Nick Knight films with McQueen as the Creative Director. Just amazing. My reaction  when I watched "Transformer" was literally, "Oh. My. God. Whoooooaaaaaaa!"

You can also watch them on the SHOWstudio site. Amazing. No wonder he couldn't handle it.♡

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