Pretty cool stuff available only at Colette for the Gumball 3000 race that'll be going through Paris. These aren't listed as mens or womens....just as "special". I don't see any x-smalls...but maybe the smalls might be good if you're a tiny person, or you prefer your jackets tighter. I think these pieces are amazing in design and style and really fun. If I had a boyfriend who was into racing and style, I'd probably pick some of these up for him. Or else, maybe I'd get them for him and then steal them for myself. Did I say steal? I meant borrow. ;)♡

really cool shiny jacket with purple zipper. i think it said this is a special edition members' only jacket. pretty sweet.
really gorgeous "good wood" sunglasses. i wonder how they look on.

amazing gumball 3000 3-finger knuckle ring. LOVE.

more tuesday tailor ♥ charles anastase

images from colette

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