Yea! My new bag! I didn't realize so many people (celebutantes) had this bag until I googled it to get some shopping info and images. It's the MARC BY MARC JACOBS CLASSIC Q - HUGE HILLIER HOBO in black. It's the perfect bag. And...you know what? The plaque on the front looks like LV from afar....or from a little tiny ways away. This bag is that chic. It's simple. It doesn't have any of those annoying closures that most of the Marc bags have (I can't remember what they're called, but they're like old luggage fasteners or something...you know what I'm talking about). It's really really chic. I don't normally like large bags, but this bag is very good for work and very much reminds of me the bags the pretty models carry around with them when I watch THE MODEL AGENCY. I really love it. It's probably one of the first bags I've really loved in a long time that came from the Marc diffusion line. It's available a lot of places online. PS I don't use the shoulder strap. Not necessary for me. I like the shorter strap alone.♡

more wednesday bag ♥ the together "birkin" bag

images from neimanmarcus.com and nordstrom.com

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