So my intention for this weekend is to find a little pumpkin...not a literal little pumpkin but a little dog to add to the family. Everyone in my family has a dog except for me, mostly because I usually travel a lot and I didn't know if I was ready to take care of a little pup cuz it's so much like taking care of a little kid. But I do think I am totally ready now. I spent a lot of time with my mother's dog, Cupcake, a Chihuahua that I love love. She's amazing and smart and sweet and funny. I did a little photo shoot with her for a future post about John Master's Organic Dog Poo Shampoo, which I'll get on here soon. I wanted my mom to try it out first before I put the post up. So I went to all the weekend dog rescue stands I could find today, as they are usually out every weekend. I did meet one very sweet dog, but she was a bit too big. Just a little too big. But a very sweet dog. It's really hard because you see all these dogs that need homes and you want to save them all. It's very difficult. :( If I had a huge home, I'd adopt a ton of rescued dogs. I don't really have any photos yet but you can see the rescue group I went to see today called TAKE ME HOME. The sweet dog I looked at today was named Stormy. She is really pretty. 

So I kept going, looking for the next corner with the next rescue table, but I couldn't find the other two I was told about. :( I did happen to stop by a gorgeous shop that I've been to before on Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA, called Bountiful. It's a gorgeous gorgeous crowded shop owned by a famous interior designer named Sue Balmforth. It's looks so Shabby Chic in the photos, but in real life it looks more French flea market than Malibu shabby chic. 

All over the boutique are bottles of fancy French toiletries that normally run about $100 a bottle. For some reason today, they were on sale. Lately everything I love ends on being discounted tremendously. It's a cool cool thing. :) So I bought two bottles of French bath products for my new home (which I still have to find). Anyway, have a look. I was hoping to have all kinds of really lovely photos of dogs, but there were hardly any at the rescue table for me to take pics of. Oh well. Next weekend. ♡

the large bottles...that is what i bought....i'll take them out and get more about them on here soon.

 more saturday shopping ♥ jared gold shop

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