RAIDING MOM'S CLOSET Yes...there are a lot of goodies in my mom's walk-in. And I've always gone in there since I was a little girl and played and "borrowed" her bags. There were a lot of things to go through, but I chose to showcase some of the bags I either want or she JUST gave me or that I will "borrow" again soon. :) Sorry, mom....but you have good bags. :)

let's start with this tiny tiny CHANEL bag. i told my mom i was going to take it home because she never uses small bags. it's so small. and so cute and the chain is so nice and heavy.
i love love this vintage CARTIER. it's not gold, which is nice, and the strap adjusts, so it can be more of a handbag or a shoulder bag. it's really 60s and really posh.
here's another one of her old vintage CARTIER's. i think this is from the 70s. it's been loved. but it's still so chic and it reminds me of when i was little. she has another really really gorgeous cartier that's newish. but i didn't want to include that. 

this is a clutch that my mom gave me earlier this year. i had never seen it before. it's so 80s. early 80s. but it's amazing and i love love it, too. it's made in italy and it's FIOR of LONDON. i tried to find some info, but i can't remember finding anything really significant written about fior.
it looks like an egg crossed with a nutter butter cookie. i love the tassel.
here's a bag she gave me yesterday. it's a vintage YSL bag. i asked her if it was 80s or 70s and she said she thinks it's from the 70s. it's also been loved, but i really love subtle over-the-shoulder bags. it's ysl. i mean...i'll take anything vintage ysl. :)
terrible photo but you can see the metal ysl plaque. LOVE.
here's another old bag in her closet that i really want....soon...like tomorrow. :) it's a flashy gorgeous shiny shiny HERMES. it's sooo girly and soooooo flashy and chic. looks very very early 80s. hi, mom...if you're reading this...i know you will never use this bag again. so please send it over my way! :)

Hope you enjoyed that. One of my favorite things to do when I visit girlfriends is for them to show me their goods. So I thought this might be fun. She has a lot of nice pieces. Good taste. There are a few other things I should have included. But maybe some of the non-LV's might be more interesting than "here is another LV." People usually wonder why I know so much about designers, etc, esp from the past....um....I wonder why.♡

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