OR, maybe we could call them nymphs, too.  Cacharel's Pre-Fall 2011 collection  is fun and fresh and young and very much Cacharel, thanks again to creative head Cédric Charlier (how gorgeous is that name?). But let's, once again, look at the casting and styling. Do you see how much it contributes to the story of this brand and, more so, this collection? I personally like a lot of the new tomboy nymph models a lot of the kids have been using since Nicholas Ghesquière used them in last season's Balenciega shows. But if this goes on for too long, or too many labels end up following suit,  though, the entire vibe will become stale and passé. Let's hope not too many more use these girls. Or kill this grunge-y look (yes...I also see nods to days-of-old MJ grunge). As for this pre-fall lookbook...I do believe the styling, including those little gnome-y hats, are just the thing that gave it its own story. A very young, fresh, forward one at that.♡

gorgeous red on red and a bit of black.
simple wearable and well-done. oh, and grunge.
so girly and chic and off. love it. this dress looks amazing.
love it. perfect pre-fall.
really really love. perfect length.
the coat! love the coat! this is really chic gnome-grunge.

more friday fancy ♥ mcqueen tribute

images from style.com

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