OOOO....YES...They're here....the Marimekko Comme des Garçons striped shirts that I love love love! Head tripping and funny and of course chic. Available online. Just one of those chic little things for those chic little people. Or chic bigger people?

which one? which one? i can't really decide.

 And on a fun note...the new Banksy billboard that was up in Los Angeles this week and taken down or covered up like a day or so right after...somehow they compliment each other(?)...someone emailed this to me because I did cover art for over 10 years...I do need to start my art blog...but not today.I especially love it for the Mickey factor. I'm a huge Mickey icon girl...have a famous sweatshirt that everyone associates me with, have partied in 5 countries in it over 10 year span or more. And I do love and respect Banksy. I know a hell of a lot of personal stuff about him. But I'll NEVER tell.♡ 

banksy in the la february 2011...genius.

more saturday shopping ♥ limited pucci book

comme des garçons images from doverstreetmarket.com
billboard from a friend who emailed it to me. ? 

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