I know covering Marc Jacobs is sort of redundant as everyone in the world covers MJ. But I just love love his work, as we all do. Or, most of us do. And so, at the very least, I could put the Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 show up. It was amazing gorgeous amazing gorgeous. Just watch and see how many people knock off those amazing berets! I would so love to live in a time when the girls strutted around in metallic pencil skirts with polka-dot berets and slick driving gloves. :) I absolutely love the simple make up here, too. Plz, MJ....do a cosmetic line for us girly girls! I can't wait to see this collection LIVE in the boutiques! Watching this show was just...amazing. (I especially love all the bellhop looks.)♡

(If you didn't know, Marc Jacobs is a huge fan of artist Yayoi Kusama...and so am I.)

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Anonymous said...

yayyyy, i love this one tooooo. im so very amazed at the metallic latex pieces, which [in my opinion] can look really really wrong; but they look so right here.

and, of course, everyone who knew me knows how much i love polka dots... hehe

me, again~

montronix said...

:) thx thx xx