I was looking at the new shows on my Style.com IPhone app and I noticed a new label I had never really ever heard of, nor seen during NYFW. I was a magazine editor and writer for some of the best magazines for years (Dazed, Tokion, Oyster, etc)...so I do keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening, so to speak. And even if I'm unsure or don't particularly fancy a designer, I still look at every collection. Even if it means I just skim through it. Today I noticed THE LAKE AND STARS and it blew me away.  It's exactly the type of lingerie I'm always seeking to feature. Not only that, the lookbook and I guess all the collections, feature girls of all sizes, which makes it even more interesting. I love love love some tight old burlesque-ish granny panties! And garter belts. The two New York designers (Brooklyn!), Nikki Dekker and Maayan Zilberman, are equally cute and they should be credited not only for creating hot stuff, but for also making the genius decision to show during fashion week. Sometimes I actually do miss New York and especially fashion week. Most times, I don't...but when I see collections like this, I feel pretty sad I'm not there covering it. :) PS If you get a chance, go to their website and check out the insanely good insane new campaign for the new collection!♡

more saturday shopping ♥ secret perfume comptoir sud pacifique

images from style.com and thelakeandstars.com

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