I just loved the Prada Fall 2011 collection so so much. So I wanted to post some pics of the gorgeous shades...maybe this should also be a Saturday Shades post? As well as some other comments about the show. I did also fancy the Versace show that was on today. Sigh. It was pretty hot. The long dresses at the end especially. And the Prince soundtrack was a nice add, considering he's been a fan of the Versace house since back in the day. But it was interesting that both the Prada and Versace opened their shows with almost identical looks...hmmmm. No matter. They were both gorgeous. I'm so looking forward to the live stream of the Jil Sander show tomorrow! Or, I mean, today! PS I love Tim Blanks because I used to watch him religiously as a teenager when he was on Fashion Television...his voice is  so soothing and recognizable to me. Love him.♡

Just some of my favorites....
amazing shades that will start a new trend.
amazing shoes/boots...i'm so happy not everyone is doing platforms! i love platforms. but non-platforms are incredibly meek and girly.
i love this pink shimmery boot with black "socks".
i really esp love these crazy 60s almost hippy boots. i have a pair of vintage hippy boots that have a strip of python running down the front. and the rest is tan suede. the only thing is they are flat. all they'd need is a heel and they'd be exactly like the prada boots. these are just tooo amazing. and i am sure a lot of girls won't be wearing these. it takes a brave one to do it. so if you feel like you can do it DO IT. 
i would pick these. so girl. so glam. so amazing.
a little more calm/wearable. for the masses, i mean. ;)
the perfect nancy girl bag...just like in the logo.
um, yes, please.
too amazing for words!

more saturday show ♥ nina ricci ss 2011

images from style.com

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