I'm going to end up doing something on Alan Aldridge, but I found so many gorgeous shoots that his son, photographer Miles Aldridge, has done that are totally Nancy Girl, that I had to post them! You'll see why! The below shoot was part of the THE VAGARIES OF FASHION series. I think the first part was with a baby and mother and this one with is kitties. This is so amazing...not only for the styling, but look at the sets. I'm going to use this as reference when I next decorate the bathroom. That's one place in the home where you can do anything...and it's ok. Well, almost anything. This shoot is very nymph. The image with the green dress is my favorite!♡

images from italian vogue may, 2008


walt cessna said...

this makes me want to style again. syrysly.

montronix said...

that's a good thing...that you liked it. i especially love this shoot. even though i showcase miles a lot,i didn't care. it's too good and perfect for the blog.
as for styling again...um, you know what i'm gonna say. :)