YEA! I'm always so thrilled to see the new Ivana Helsinki collection! The show isn't until the 17th, but the darlings over there were so dear to send me the images a bit early. And I LOVE them! The Ivana Helsinki Fall/Winter 2011 collection is titles Velvet Lake, and it suits the pieces. I love how they always have a story and the images play the story out for us. I'm also loving all the up-do's  that sort of look like a Gibson Girl. It's, per usual, romantic and dark. The girls who wear Ivana Helsinki are sweet and dangerous...they'd dare you is what I'm saying. And I love that Finnish vibe.  I hope they have a great show and I can't wait to attend some of their future events this year!♡

Gibson Girl hairstyles
more ivana helsinki
more tuesday tailor ♥ richard nicoll

ivana helsinki images courtesy of ivana helsinki (thx!)
gibson girl image from red-castle.com

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