O M G! A GUCCI FIAT? SIGN ME UP! I'll find out the deets on the bits and get them on here in a minute. I was just in shock when I saw this. I had just watched the Gucci Fall 2011 live stream and frankly it was like being in the nose-bleed seats, which I've never had to do. I've also sat front or sometimes second row. Once, at a stupid Jeremy Scott show, I was way up in like the 8th row or something. But I didn't care because I'm not a fan of his, per se. I love live streams because you're normally in the front. But I could hardly really see anything. And, though the collection was gorgeous in its 70s peacock style, it was really like the second run of the Marc Jacobs Spring looks from last season. Say what(in Italian)? But I did love the shoes, of course. I still think I'm more a fan of real/old school Gucci. Vintage Gucci. And this Gucci Fiat, too.♡

omgucci....gucci stripe seatbelts???? how do i get one of these?!?!

PS My darling darling friend Monique from Goddess.Huntress. (her awesome "green" beauty blog) told me to go to nowfashion.com. She's always my go-to lady for info. thx, mo! xx

shoe me thursday ♥ gaultier long socks

gucci fiat images from autoblog.com

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