How good is watching live streams of London Fashion Week?! Right? I did miss Topshop's Unique as it aired before I had woken up. But the styling was so fun, going along with the Unique Fall 2011 Collection's theme of Disney's 101 Dalmatians. I loved the faces....the bare brow/face, the jet black/gel lined eyes and the coral-y lip. And of course the black bows in the hair. And even some of the little noses. And a lot of the pieces. It was young, fun and still chic. Here are some great backstage pics. And the cool finale video below...they played Elvis...see what song! ;) PS Is the makeup in the photo used also Topshop? Of course it must be. I would love some of those cream blushes and some of the other pieces! But it's way too expensive after you include shipping to the States. (It's also funny how just recently I was discussing how much I love Mickey Mouse, and these girls are sort of made up like Minnie.)♡

images from topshop.com

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