I'm not really in that Tsumori Chisato mood these days, meaning I would rather wear all black or all gray or all navy than vibrant colors and prints. Still, she is one of my favorite designers, so of course I want to see what she's done and post it up. I'll do a post of the shoes a bit later on. I think Chisato is definitely one of those designer shows where you MUST know that these looks are meant to be taken apart. You're not really expected to wear all of her stuff together because clearly one piece is enough statement. But it always makes for an interesting collection and runway show. ♡

i am sure those shoes are amazing. it's a great editorial look and that's a very very Persian green.

i'm really feeling this kind of "look at me i'm a chic director" look. :)

that top alone paired with something simple would be awesome.

i love that windbreaker.

that is very pretty and the model has a great figure for it.

i also love this and think it's very chic money style girl.

look how cute tsumori chisato is! see how she pairs the crazy with all black? that's the trick.

more saturday shopping ♥ new tom ford makeup

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