I was really interesting in reading the comments about the Dior Spring Summer 2013 show. And for good reason. Opinions about it run the gamut...from things like, "Now I know it's not the brand that I love, it's the designer. I miss Galliano..." to "Brilliant Dior with Raf's modern techno-light...Brilliant!".  I have sort of mixed feelings about it, too. I love this collection so much because it's true...it does look very very classic DIOR, but it also looks very very Raf, which makes it special and cool. And I would wear pretty much almost every bit of this and I'm sure they'll sell loads because so much of it was actually wearable. Though I don't understand those fancy short dresses? Fancy tunics? And the caterpillar-print dresses. And then yes...I do very much miss the comedy and drama and theatrics and makeup of a Galliano show/collection. At the very least, I think Galliano should make a comeback somehow and prove everyone wrong. Because Paris Fashion Week is not the same without him. Even though Raf's Dior is a beautiful addition.

(One thing is for sure...I LOVE the makeup and I'm going to do a post on it.)♡

what a gorgeous perfect suit. amazing. all of these suit pieces or tux pieces were amazing.

a little bit of raf, and a little bit of dior esp on the shoulder.

what is the real sell going to be from this look? are the real pieces longer? i love the fabrics but i don't understand this look he has done recently.

i love this. prob because it looks 60s.

i don't now about that train or skirt or whatever, but i love the fabric and the colors.

i love love this dress.

pretty amazing, too.

i love these ballerina dresses with the metallics and the shoes and the simple black knit top. i'd wear this look in a second if i had somewhere to wear it!

more girl friday ♥ vivienne westwood

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