I don't understand what the hell is going on. I can't believe how awful so many collections are. I can't believe how strange and weird and weird and grunge-y Nina Ricci was at their Spring Summer 2013 show. There are a couple of things I love like the sheer with polka dots pieces...I have always had a thing with polka dots since I was like 10 years old. I love pantyhose/stockings that are sheer black with little black polka dots....Anyway...I mean, doesn't it look like everyone is trying to compete with Alexander Wang (who is trying to be Daryl K and Helmet Lang?)????? It's awful. It looks like people pressured for these big designers to do what they think should be done, even if it's not their style. This is not Peter Copping's style...things that look like grunge. I don't even understand. And I'm so sad that all the fashion weeks are almost over. This makes me want to pay more attention to the other fashion weeks we never hear about...like, Copenhagen Fashion Week and Russia Fashion Week. 

Hmmmmm. I didn't like pretty much almost every piece except for some of the ones below.♡

i love bisque or blush and black with polka dots. i have a dress like this, but shorter and the opposite in color...black with bisque dots.

i think this dress in another common color would make it look depressingly bad. i think it's the dots that do it and make it cute.

i like the look minus that skirt. if it was a simple nina ricci skirt.

i love these kinds of tops with huge sleeves. or sweaters. but not the skirt.
i love this look. i am also a huge fan of fishnets (in nude color, too).
this is the kind of thing/dress i would go crazy over! but it looks strange. it looks terrible on her and she's a model.

more thursday show  ♥ rochas spring 2012

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