I was VERY surprised to see Antoni and Alison kick off London Fashion Week with a show of their own. And seems like everyone is watching. I remember (more than ten years ago) when Antoni and Alison (the brand designed by Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts) was a very very in-the-know thing. The only people who ever talked about Antoni & Alison stuff/things/clothes/bags were the fashion people I worked with at the end of college. But now I've noticed they have a collab T-shirt thing with Uniqlo and then they opened up London Fashion Week. Still some people won't get it. But I do love a lot of their pieces. They are making clothes, but these two are really more like fine artists and their clothes are their art. I guess they're like Eley Kishimoto. You're either really into them or you're not. (I also really love the makeup and the hair...the styling is awesome!)♡

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Sanne said...

Oh! These outfits are absolutely stunning! I didn't know this label, so thank you for bringing my attention to them! I'm definitely in the fan segment :)

Sanne - copenhagenish.me

montronix said...

hi again ! :) thanks for all your lovely comments!

that's so cool that i turned you onto them! yeah...they have been copied like crazy over the past 15 years. everyone from sportswear to t-shirt companies to others have loved and copied their ideas. because everything looks like it came out of an artist studio. these are amazing pieces and most def if you saw a girl wearing one of these dresses, you'd prob take a second look. they're prob impeccable quality. i'm going to do another post on them soon. i also did a post on one of their lovely purses a while ago. you can search antoni alison on the blog. i should have linked that. :)

thanks again! x