I have been looking all over the Internet for some images of the new magazine from Ladurée. The first/premier issue is focused on Tokyo! If you are in a city where you have a lovely Ladurée shop, then you can run over and pick one of (if they are not already sold out). Otherwise, I'll keep checking to see if i can find some more images plus some links where you can get it.

ladurée issue 1 with a tokyo theme!

They also announced their new bits and pieces for September, including a new tea range (OOOO! I cannot wait to move to Paris!):

Marie-Antoinette : An dulcet marriage of Chinese black tea combined with rose petals, citrus
fruit and honey. An pastoral walk at the « Petit Trianon ». An delicious afternoon tea for a sweet
and romantic pause. All the spirit of Ladurée.
Eugénie : A Chinese black tea from China moved deeply by red fruits, strawberry, raspberry,
cherry and currant. A delicious aroma for a delightful break while lightness. An afternoon tea.
Ladurée : An elegant association of Chinese black tea, citrus fruit, flowers, light spicies and vanilla.
A tasty blending sweet and delicate. Ladurée's signature.
Mathilde : A marriage of green tea and Chinese black tea with orange blossom and magnolia.
A delicate flavor both of character and lightness. A tea that goes perfectly with meals.
Roi Soleil : A green tea marked by the energy of the bergamot combined with rhubarb and caramel. A Royal blending that gives to this tea all its panache. A tea to enjoy throughout the day.
Joséphine : A Chinese black tea wrapped in various citrus fruits of mandarin orange, grapefruit,
orange and lemon, delicately enhanced by a ring of jasmine flowers. A fine blending very elegant.
A tea to enjoy throughout the day.
Mille & Une nuits : A Chinese green tea that transports us to the East, both sweet and spicy,
blending the rose, orange blossom, and ginger, a motionless journey of sensual and captivating
flavors for a single call "the pleasure". An afternoon tea.
Othello : An Indian black tea with a spicy footprint of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and ginger,
a powerful and vigorous blending for a full-bodied taste symphony. A day tea.

Looks amazing. Cannot wait to get my hands on the magazine AND the tea AND some of other the other things they have just released (like new candle duets!).♡

more tuesday tailor ♥ orla keily 2011

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