I absolutely loved loved loved loved loved the Milly Fall Winter 2012 collection! I love how some of these models looked like little fashion dollies from the 60s. The colors were amazing, too, and a little bit like a Body Glove palette (if anyone here remembers Body Glove). Though a lot of these shapes and looks seem like they came from other collections (ahem, meow meow!)...I think it's still a great little collection and whomever did the styling was amazing. I also see two models that I am falling in love with, and I think one of them was in the Marc shows, too.♡

i love this look and i love this model. i think she might have been in the marc shows. even though she's really skinny...almost too skinny....her face has a great look to it.

also love this look plus the model. she looks like a vintage doll from the 60s.

very very body glove...the skirt.
a little  oscar de la renta? and a little meow meow? but very cute, nonetheless.
the above and below lace looks are such a new take on an 80s thing. and i love them both together. would be great editorial.

truly one of my favorite looks on the perfect model from this show.

another sort of miu miu look. but it's cute...i wouldn't complain if i had this. :)
i have a big thing for dots again. haven't since i was a tween. but i love this look so much.
very cute dress, although you have to have no chest to wear it!
very cute simple look. something you might find at a vintage shop. i like this model, too.

another sort of miu miu thing. but maybe these looks will cost less? i love gray and black these days a lot, too.

more thursday shoe ♥ marchesa fall 2011

images from style.com

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