I was personally invited by the designer to attend this show...and I wish I could have gone. If you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know I love the stuff Sergio Zambon creates. This show was pretty awesome...you could easily see this girl at a big art opening in Berlin or even New York or LA. Or she's a big time fashion girl who works the shows in London or Milan. I think this was better than Mulberry or some of the other brands that receive too much attention. Check it out. When there are individual pics, I'll check them out and I'll ask Sergio what the one white-tipped shoe was all about. :)♡

i've been personally invited to a lot of things in my life for fashion week...but mostly from designers i know. but sometimes a designer, like sergio zambon or the girls behind ivana helsinki, are so nice they invite you themselves because they appreciate your support and how you appreciate their vision. very sweet.

more thursday shoe ♥ dries van bootie

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