I'm not a huge fan of Posh Spice. But I don't think I'm a hater, either. I think i changed or softened my opinion of her when she a)married one of the hottest dudes on the planet (ahem) and b)when they did that little show about moving to America. I was curious about this new video for her Spring Summer 2012 collection and I have to say I love it and I do love most of the clothing in it THOUGH I think almost all the clothes are knock offs and would be really cute to buy IF they were moderately priced (like say an H&M piece). I suspect these are really super pricey, which kind of makes them kind of bleh. Of course you will see nods to Monki marketing aesthetics and Miu Miu kitty prints. But....still...I do love the little shifts and A-line dresses and the video itself. This is the kind of thing brands like Forever 21 should be doing. :) Too bad these pieces aren't the same price as a Forever 21 dress.♡

more thursday shoe ♥ maniac metallic

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