As predicted, there were only a couple of looks I liked at the 2012 Oscars and the rest was a big ass snooze. Oh well...maybe someone will have the nerve to wear a Giles Deacon next year. 

My first favorite look is Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. I love love love love this. This is going here own way. This girl is part of a club here. If you get it then you know what I'm talking about, and it's not about a club at all. This is so Marc. I mean, he loves girls being girls (and I guess he likes Tomboys, too, though...). The red is perfect. The cut looks amazing. That sweet bling-y ribbon pinned at her waist. Michelle Williams isn't really anyone I run to the theater to see. But she looked cute. This look of course makes her look very young and that will make her career last a little longer than if they aged her up. I think I heard her jewelry was Forever Mark. Anyway, I loved it. I think this is the kind of girly look Natalie Portman was going for but it didn't really translate.

I don't get the bag choice, though...a pink croc' box? I think that was a major miss...look how pretty the detailing is up close. I love that bow and the color of the red/coral so much. This also looks so Wild West.

i love the sides and the back so much.
The other look wasn't as "cute", per se. But wow...what a look...she looked like an Oscar. It was George Clooney's current flame, Stacy Keibler. She's obviously confident and used to being in front of the cameras (she's like some athlete wrestler lady?) which is kind of cool to see instead of the other girls he tends to date who were a cocktail waitress a hot second ago (no offense to cocktail waitresses...but you can tell when someone is used to cameras or when they are just all about George..if that makes sense). I don't know too much about her except she's an AMAZON....and she looked pretty amazing when she arrived at the Oscars in her Marchesa gold number. Notice how pro she is at posing–she does a little front knee bend and a bend back or forward in every pic...she looks the same in every photo! 

it just doesn't look quite as nice in a photo...see, people...a dress/look might be amazing on the TV...LIVE...but when the flash makes it a still, it can kind of deflate. unless it's done for a shoot or something.

if i was her publicist, i would have asked her to stand up at tall as she can when she was photographed without george at her side...
these pics are not translating what i saw when i was watching the oscars. and they're not really nancy girl at all, really.
but look how pro she is at posing.
So...because I don't think the Stacy Keibler look in the photos doesn't really turn me on as much as it did when I was watching the Oscars, I'll have to add someone who has gotten a lot of slack for her leg...Angelina Jolie. What the hell is wrong with people? She looked f---ing gorgeous! She looked a bit too thin, but aside from that, she looked pretty amazing and I thought her pose was pretty hilarious and very old-school, pre-mommy Angelina. Her Atelier Versace dress was gorgeous. That's was an Elizabeth Taylor/old movie star dress and not everyone can wear something that simple...it's about the beauty of the girl inside of it. As for the leg...talk about someone who knows exactly how to work it...it's a massive success. She sticks her leg out for a few minutes and she has everyone talking about her and a twitter account called @angiesrightleg! Genius. Genius...♡

i mean...look how hot she is.
 she def knows how to WORK IT OUT
this look says it all.

more tt ♥ rochas pre-fall

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