I used to be a hater of Sofia Coppola...this was eons ago before Lost in Translation. Maybe just after The Virgin Suicides which I love now, too. Then I fell in love with everything she did/does. I haven't had a chance to see any of this stuff for the H&M X Marni collab. But I think it's nice to watch. Even though it's all very simple, I think she does it well and I think she knows what girls want to see and gravitate toward. If my book every became a movie, she is definitely on a list of dream people I'd love to see work on it. Dreams. :)

The last video is from the party in Los Feliz (California) and it's amazing how many huge huge actors showed up...including Winona Ryder...we never see her at parties at all anymore. And legendary Bryan Ferry performed the song that plays in the commercial. I mean, that's crazy. If you don't know who Bryan Ferry is, check out some Roxy Music below. Amazing.♡

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